Why We are Special

Have you ever heard about barter system? If no, don’t worry as we are here to aware you. It was an old system of exchange of goods and services between two people without any exchange of money. Do you like such a system? Even I too liked this amazing swapping system as it allows you to add new items in exchange of your old items that you are bored with or don’t like to have at your home. Want to revive in the world where such a brilliant system was prevailing? If yes, you just need to click on Signup in Inbata Right now, and there all your dreams will come true. If you are still muddled up with barter system shopping benefits, then you must look at the below advantages of the barter system that will chop all your confusion.

What is Barter System

Bartering is the process of trading services or goods between two parties without using money in the transaction. When people barter, everyone benefits because they receive items or services they need or want. Bartering also has an advantage because even people without money can get something they need.

Bartering might involve trading a service for an item. For example, you could agree to perform yard work for someone in exchange for a bushel of apples from a tree in their yard. When people choose to barter to meet a need, they can save their money for other needs.

No Monetary Issues

In such a modest system that is free from any menace of the monetary system, you can swap any goods or services easily. Here, there are no complications about the exchange of trade; it’s a smooth and a fair trade.


Inbata is a type of trade where goods or services are exchanged for a certain amount of other goods or services; no money is involved in the transaction. It can be bilateral or multilateral as trade. It is a word frequently used as a synonym for 'negotiate/negotiation'.

Environment Friendly

There are many items that are not used by us either they don’t suits us or we have no usage of it, through this system they can be recycle, hence no wastage. So, these goods can be used by the person who requires therefore it helps in saving the chemicals used to make such goods, later saving the environment from exploitation.

No Involvement of Cash

Second benefit of barter system is that there is no participation of cash therefore people usually buy or sell online goods or services according to their requirements and apart from this there is no hot arguments upon the selling of goods or services at a higher price, which is generally in the case of the monetary system. In case of monetary system, most of the people escalated prices by accumulating during the production are more.


A disadvantage of using bilateral barter is that it can depend upon a mutual coincidence of wants. Before any transaction can be undertaken, each party must be able to supply something the other party demands. To overcome this mutual coincidence problem, We Created an algorithm to calculate match for individuals based on there demands.

No Menace while Exchanging with Rich People

Do you also think exchanging goods with rich people is not easy task? It’s just your illusion, but actually barter system allows exchange of goods and services irrespective of your living standards. Isn’t the barter system a good one to shop goods, then what are you waiting for get ready to enjoy the shopping at proficient barter sites that provides amazing benefits.